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Welcome to our restaurant

We are at your service with unique flavors

Avec Hotel is also very ambitious with its cuisine to be one of your favorite hotels in Çanakkale.

The meats of our region, the seafood from the clear waters of the Dardanelles and Saros Bay, fresh vegetables and fruits from our own garden came together with the unique presentation of our chef.

You should definitely try Carne Restaurant for delicious steak menus. The kitchen of Avec Hotel, where you can stay on with pleasure while coming from Istanbul or Izmir, should be disinfected daily like rooms in the hotel.

You can enjoy the drinks you want to relax in your hotel with a sea view where you will spend the night while relaxing.

You can enjoy delicious meat such as beef tenderloin, lamb sleeve, lamb cage, steak burger, lamb ribs, veal shashlik with Carne Restaurant quality.

Our Menu



Soup of the day

Flavors prepared with traditional methods using local products

Beef Carpaccio

Thin steak slices flavored with the chef's special sauce, arugula leaves and parmigiano permesan cheese

Cheese plate

Local and imported cheeses, grapes of the region, walnuts and dried fruits from our garden

Carne Platter

Smoked and dried meats, butter biscuits and dried fruits

Grilled Season Mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms on the grill with melted cheddar cheese

BBQ Sausage

Homemade beef sausage with hot jalepano peppers and cheddar cheese cooked on charcoal fire

Göden Sausage Grill

Beef sausage grilled prepared in Ottoman style

Lamb Liver

Our special sauce on crispy bagel pieces, finely chopped lamb liver and straw potatoes

Grilled Quail

Fresh spicy jumbo quail and sweet chestnut puree cooked on charcoal fire

Seafood Starters

Saros Shrimp

Giant saros shrimp cooked on charcoal with tartar sauce prepared with fresh spices

Baby Squid

Baby calamari cooked on charcoal with tartar sauce prepared with fresh spices


Arugula salad

Crispy rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, capers and roasted walnuts with lemon sauce with AYA extra virgin olive oil

Tuscan Salad

Lettuce leaves, shrimp cheese, cherry tomatoes, mini hazelnut radish, crispy breads, AYA extra virgin olive oil, anchovy sauce

Fresh locale

Çanakkale tomato, fresh thyme, basil leaves, AYA extra virgin olive oil, cheese cubes and crunchy bread pieces from our garden

Beet Detox

Baked beet slices with goat cheese mousse, crispy herbs, roasted hazelnuts, AYA extra virgin olive oil, balsamic sauce from Thrace

Carne Gardan Salad

Sliced Canakkale tomato slices, almond cucumber, green pepper, parsley, red onion, Ezine cheese cubes, black pitted olives, AYA extra virgin olive oil, lemon sauce

Fresh Olive Oil


Fresh Eskişehir asparagus grilled with truffle oil with Asparagus Cheese sauce

Black Pepper Eggplant

Served with garlic cream sauce, roasted garden eggplant, roasted capia pepper and AYA extra virgin olive oil


Our delicious AYA extra virgin olive oil, honey mustard sauce prepared by the chef's special recipe and jumbo shrimps on avocado slices

Bombay Bean

With tomato sauce, AYA extra virgin olive oil and fresh spices

Eggplant Filled Gum Artichoke

Fresh gum artichoke with AYA extra virgin olive oil prepared by the special method of the chef with tahini eggplant filling

Konkase Tomato Sea Cow

AYA Sea bean with garlic tomatoes and garlic with extra virgin olive oil

Pastrami Hummus

Thin slices of bacon sautéed in butter on hummus

Wild Prey

With garlic yogurt, buckwheat herb and AYA extra virgin olive oil that we ferment from buffalo milk

Cheese Filled Capia Pepper

Capia pepper with our blend of various local cheeses and fresh spices

Homemade Lakerda

On our red onion rings, our laker, prepared by the large toric of the throat and with AYA extra virgin olive oil



Beef ribs cooked with fresh spices and chef's special sauce in Josper (Charcoal Oven)

Chop Steak 250Gr

Our mushroom bone broth, prepared by boiling fresh spices and root vegetables for 24 hours, and beef between the lines

Turkish Delight Special 200Gr

Dairy beef tenderloin in butter or coal fire according to your preference

Grilled Meatballs with Cheddar Cheese 250Gr

20% lamb stuffed with Chedddar cheese and 80% beef meatballs on charcoal fire

Carne Burger 180Gr

Hamburger meatballs enriched with smoked beef ribs in homemade black hamburger bread, cheddar cheese slices and baked potato

T-Bone Steak 350Gr

Beef t-bone steak in coal fire rested for 28 days in dry-aged cupboard

Beef Ribeye 200Gr

Beef rib steak in a dry-aged cupboard covered with butter and rested for 21 days in a charcoal fire

Dallas Steak 350Gr

Beef chop in a charcoal fire rested for 28 days in our dry-aged cupboard

New York Steak 250Gr

Beef plywood on charcoal fire rested for 28 days in our dry-aged cupboard

Grill Wing

Chicken wings cooked on charcoal fire with chef's special sauce

Thrace Curly Lamb Meat

Lamb Halvah

Milk cooked lamb for 4 hours in Josper (Coal oven) with jasmine rice with seasonal vegetables and lamb sap

Milk Lamb Chops

Milk Lamb Chops in Coal Fire

Our Picks From The Sea

Fresh Fish of the Day

Daily fresh fish varieties with grill, oven, pan or steaming option according to your wish


Çanakkale strait karavida in our charcoal oven accompanied with Hollandaise sauce

Sore Beetle Grill

Daily live throat beetle in coal fire with its special sauces


Sauteed Baby Spinach with Pine Nut

Baked Potatoes with Mushroom Potato Puree and Parmesan Cheese

Saute Fresh Mushrooms of the Season

Grilled Corn

Mashed Potatoes

Saute Seasonal Vegetables

Jasmine Pilaf with Butter and Vegetables

Baked Spicy Potatoes