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Çanakkale is the gateway of Anatolia, which has hosted many important civilizations from Antiquity to the present, opening to the West and Europe.

Çanakkale is a city that attracted the attention of different countries at important time intervals of history and witnessed long struggles due to its strategic importance. Today, it draws the attention of people from different geographies from Australia and New Zealand to Europe, America, and the Middle East as an unique destination to come together in peace and tranquility.

Çanakkale is home to many local and foreign tourists in recent years not only with its place in history but also with its extraordinary nature and sparkling sea. The region where Avec Hotel is located has become a leading tourism center with its open points to visit, especially Kaz Mountains, Bozcaada, Trojan Treasures, Gallipoli historical peninsula, Gökçeada, Parion, and Çimenlik Castle, which are known as oxygen tanks.

Çanakkale is one of the most popular regions of Southern Europe with its air quality, proximity to ancient cities, ecological diversity, and cultural richness.

Çanakkale is located in the middle of Istanbul and Izmir which is one of the biggest metropolises in Europe, brings different transportation options together for its visitors.

Canakale and surroundings are Very attractive for visitors from all incoming groups with resort amenities which is a different alternative from Turkey’s Bodrum, Marmaris and Antalya where are known as touristic places in the world.

With the pasha assurance

The PAŞALI GROUP, which started its investment with the Automotive sector in Çanakkale in 2015, included tourism among its subsidiaries and activated Avec Hotel – Çanakkale in 2020.

Our first priority at Avec Hotel is to ensure that our guests stay comfortably and safely. Also, we put a high value on turning your visits into a fun experience. We have made a meticulous preparation to make this experience perfect, from the reservation stage to the reception, from the restaurant to the SPA area.

In addition to all these, the unique meat and seafood of the region prepared by our Executive Chef and his teams await our guests at Carne Restaurant. Turkey’s most ambitious claim in the world is its hospitality, which we add the magnificent experience of meals tastes to it.

Our guests can find light snacks at  A Black Lounge after their travel fatigue. They can relieve the tiredness of the day with a massage in the SPA-Welness department.

The most suitable indoor and outdoor spaces where meetings, engagement-wedding events can be held are also at Avec Hotel.

In all points of our hotel, there is a fast internet connection and modern air conditioning systems that meet the highest level of health conditions.

All rooms and common areas of Avec Hotel plus user service tools are disinfected regularly with nano silver-ion technology and anti-bacterial applications for individual, family, and community health by the expert teams of KLEENTECH company.

There is a modern VIP vehicle service, which is used by experienced drivers, free of charge, for our guests to travel to and from the airport, pier square, market and Kordon.

Çanakkale Avec Hotel, besides being adjacent to the breathtaking ancient cities of Troy and Assos in human history, Gökçeada stands out as an important resting and accommodation place that is very close to the Bozcaada routes.

In addition, we have positioned the facility that offers the most favorable conditions for our visitors to our region within the framework of the International Troia Festival and the Çanakkale Biennial.

Let’s meet at Avec Hotel, your new place where you can spend time with peace of mind for a pure holiday experience, visiting an unforgettable destination and where you will feel privileged…